Training For Educators

I train educators of all kinds - leaders, leadership teams, teachers, support staff - and at primary, secondary and tertiary levels. I also passionately believe in training the key educators in young people's lives: parents.

People ask to work with me for a variety of reasons: they may be looking to change teaching practice, or improve their student engagement. Sometimes they've read OPEN and want to create an open and innovative adult learning culture. Increasingly they want to deepen the engagement of their parents or reach out to their communities. 

​Whatever the focus, I believe in practising what we preach by making the adult learning as practical, relevant and engaging as we'd like our students' learning to be.

Our training for educators has much more detail on our dedicated Engaged Learning website.
“The best professional learning I’ve had in 20 years”

Participant, SAE Project-Based Learning  Training

Sample Training Offerings For Educators

An Introduction To Project-Based Learning/Deeper Learning Through Projects
A beginner and more advanced version of an approach that's gaining supporters all over the world, particularly in schools and colleges that want to prepare their students for the rapidly changing world of work. This workshop usually lasts two days, but can be abbreviated to a single day. All the key concepts of PBL are covered, and participants experience doing a slice of a project, the way their students should. All participants receive a resource pack to support their implementation of PBL in the classroom.

The Science Of Improvement
Improvement Science has been around for a long time – pioneered by the management genius, W.E. Deming. It has been used successfully in the aviation, automotive and healthcare industries and now the Improvement movement has finally reached education. It provides a different slant on innovation, offering an alternative to disruptive change, by supporting educators in ‘getting better at getting better’. Our workshop is a step-by-step guide to developing systemic, sustainable improvement, instilling a disciplined approach to innovation and building an open adult learning environment.

Deepening Parental Engagement
This  2 hr workshop is designed to bring educators and parents together to ask the question 'What Constitutes An Education Worth Having?' After a provocative presentation highlighting the dramatic changes affecting work,  the environment and society, we collaboratively identify the kinds of skills our students will need to thrive in the future. Then we ask 'what kind of learning designs will best develop those skills?' Finally we discuss how teachers can best be supported by parents both in and out of school. This workshop creates a deeper understanding and mutual respect between the adults chiefly responsible for young people's education. But don't host it unless you're committed to putting (at least some of) the ideas developed into practice!

Design Your Future   
Design Your Future (DYF) is a strategic development programme for teachers and leadership teams. It combines the best of current business management strategy with design thinking, ensuring that mapping your future course - or reviewing your current progress - is as creative a process as it is rigorous. This 1-day programme is hands-on and outcome-focussed. It can be applied to a specific challenge, or across the breadth of a long-term development plan. The key stages of design thinking - understanding; defining; ‘ideation’ (yes, we hate that word too); prototyping; testing  - are covered by a range of activities and processes, so that by the end of the day you will not only have a clear idea on where you need to be, and what’s likely to hold you back, you’ll also have a set of clear commitments to action, in order to achieve your goals.