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David Price, OBE is an international expert in how organisations - of all types - learn, innovate and make themselves fit for the future. He is a highly sought-after public speaker, entertaining and educating audiences in the public and private sectors. He is the author of two Amazon best-selling books: The Power Of Us: How We Connect, Act, And Innovate Together (published in 2020, Thread Books) and Open: How We’ll Work, Live And Learn In The Future (published, in 2013, by Crux). Click on the images below to see the range of his work.


Two Amazon best-selling books (and a third on the way). Commissioned articles,'how-to' handbooks for organisations, and a regular blog. 


I don't write for an academic audience -  complex ideas can  be presented using plain language, and we change hearts and minds by the connections we make, not by footnotes and citations.

Training & Consulting

I have been running training programmes and consultancies for over 20 years. I work alongside expert colleagues from public and private sectors, to design and deliver workshops, masterclasses and webinars. These can be with blue-chip corporations, voluntary sector cooperatives, or schools and colleges. Consultancies are longer-term commitments to change, tailored around the context, challenges and future aspirations of organisations.


20+ years experience of giving keynotes, presentations or  facilitating conversations at events. I talk about ingenuity, collaboration, engagement, leadership and learning - especially in light of a post-pandemic world.

I'm not a futurologist, and I'm not a 'motivational' speaker.  But if you want an optimistic, engaging presenter who will challenge you to think differently, I'm your man.


Let's start the conversation to customize something really valuable for your team.



“David Price introduces us to the concept of “Hugelkultur” as a framework for creating an organization that is a powerful catalyst for impact and innovation. Price gets it right, by focusing on people and the lesson of collective action. Price’s book offers a roadmap for practical revolutionaries who are striving for change, together. “

Melissa Rowe

Vice-President, RAND Corporation




How we connect and create together. 

How we take action and why it matters. 

How we innovate together and why it matters. 

How we connect, create and take action together. 


We are witnessing the emergence of ordinary people working together to solve big problems in all aspects of our society, rooted in a communal desire to make the world a better place in which to live: 


David Price takes us behind the scenes of some of the world’s most innovative organisations harnessing the power of collaboration and diverse thinking to effect real change – and demonstrates what we can learn from them.


Thought-provoking and incisive, The Power of Us is an urgent call for leaders, teams and individuals to challenge the status quo.  It offers a practical toolkit of ideas to show us how we can foster our own cultures of co-creators to transform our lives and rebuild a better world for the future.

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When the pandemic is over, the pent-up demand to be in a room with others, or learn at events, will be unleashed. For all of us, however, the future is blended. See how I get my message across through a variety of media.

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